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Emergency Response 

Voice Care is a system which connects an individual at home using the telephone to a monitoring center 24-hours a day.  Each system contains two components - a console box and activator which is typically worn as a pendant around the neck.  When assistance is needed, the user pushes the button on the activator and is connected within seconds to a monitoring center operator.  The operator responds by sending the help that is needed.  This service is available throughout the Delaware Valley.

Voice Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Voice Care

Q:  What is Voice Care?
A:  Voice Care is a personal emergency response system that connects an individual at home, through the telephone line or cellular networks, to a 24-hour monitoring center, providing assistance in health and environmental emergencies. 

Q:  Is the equipment purchased or rented?

A:  The equipment is rented.  Subscribers pay a one-time installation charge and a monthly service fee.   

Q:  Is this a difficult service to use?  

A:  No.  To activate the system, the subscriber simply depresses the sensitive button on the pendant, or pushes the "HELP" button on the console.   

Q:  After inquiring about the service, how long does it take to have the system installed?

A:  Once Homelink has all the necessary information, installation is typically scheduled within three business days.   

Q:  Is there any age criteria?

A:  No.  Persons of all ages benefit from greater personal security.   

Q:  Does Medicare pay for personal emergency response systems?

A:  Medicare does not reimburse the insured for a personal emergency response system.   

Q:  How does the subscriber pay for the service?

A:  The subscriber is either billed monthly for the service or is mailed a coupon book and they send in payments with a coupon.

Q:  Is the personal emergency response system funded by Medicaid?

A:  Yes, through special programs available through the Department of Public Welfare known as the Pennsylvania Department on Aging Medicaid Waiver and the Independence Waiver.  Persons eligible for these Waivers must meet the following criteria:

  •  be age 60 or older or age 18-59 and have a physical disability
  •  meet Medicaid's income and asset requirements
    • maximum monthly income of $2,130 and have no more than $8,000 in assets
    •  need nursing home level of care
    •  choose to be supported in the community rather than in a nursing home

Q:  Does private insurance cover this cost?

A:  Medigap insurance rarely covers the cost of emergency response systems, however subscribers should always review their policies to be certain.   

Q:  Is this a service that is appropriate for hospice or cancer patients?

A:  Yes.  Whether the need is short-term or ongoing, "Voice Care" gives the subscriber greater personal security.   
Q:  Is Voice Care available outside of Philadelphia?

A:  Yes. Homelink's subscribers live throughout the Delaware Valley.   

Q:  Does the County Office on Aging fund emergency response systems?

A:  Yes.  Contact your county office on aging or Homelink, Inc. to learn more about the eligibility requirements.